{3-5-15} I’m still here!

Hello friends! I apologize for my long-ish absence but am thrilled to be getting back into the swing of things. The reason I was gone was that I took an 8 week long pattern making course. I learned quite a lot about the basics of creating patterns as well as learning a LOT about Adobe Illustrator, a program that has totally stumped me until now! I am so excited because it will absolutely open new areas of design for me in both personal and commercial use items! So, this week I am happy to bring you a new element pack available exclusively at SugarHillCo., a set of cute layered element templates! As always, they will be 30% off for 1 week. 😀


Be sure to stop by the store to see a closeup view!

{1-9-15} Brrrrrrrrrr…………

Hello there! I hope everyone has had a good week so far, even with the frigid weather and snow. I’ve been enjoying coming home and snuggling into my pjs!

I’ve a new CU element pack for you this week, a set of hand sewn kanzashi flowers. I’m no seamstress but am happy with how they turned out. There is also a CU pack from last week, some gorgeous vintage buttons that I’ll leave at the sale price for you as well:



Have a lovely weekend you guys!

{1-1-15} Happy New Year!!

I went to start this post about something entirely different, which you’ll see in just a moment, when i realized it’s the New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015! Make it a good one you guys :)

Now, this started simply last night and has kind of snowballed into this post. As a digital scrapbook designer of kits and commercial use items organization is a must. One of the tools I’ve used for years every single day when designing is ACDSee. ACDSee has quite a few programs available for photo organization,editing,sharing and processing. As I’m interested in just the organization part I’ve never used any of the Pro or Editor versions. Up until January 2014 I’d been using ACDSee10, but when I had to replace my computer I needed to upgrade to ACDSee17. ACDSee allows me to make my own categories and tag specific items or folders so I can keep everything organized and easy to find. I didn’t do much with the new version as I was concentrating primarily on my CU items. When I started designing kits again at the Studio I realized I needed to catch up on my tagging so I could find things and that’s when my dilemma with tagging items began, resulting in me posting to the Studio group for help. The discussion progressed and resulted in some people being interested in working on their own organization and wanting to know a bit more about ACDSee.

As I couldn’t find a solution and hadn’t heard back from customer service(yes, I know it’s over the holiday but I’m not known for my patience, it’s not a reflection at all on them! I’m sure I will hear from them after the holiday but I didn’t want to wait.) I ended up upgrading to the newest version, ACDSee 18, and so far I’m thrilled with it!

Anyway, for those interested in seeing a bit about it, here goes. I am NOT affiliated with ACDSee and I do NOT know everything this wonderful program can do–I’m using it strictly to organize my files.

So, ACDSee shows you all your drives and the files within them. The folders view shows you all of those as shown below, and it shares the pane with the catalog view which is where you will make your own categories to organize everything. My concern is with all my scrapbooking “supplies”, both PU(personal use) and CU(commercial use). I need to keep them separated!


Below is my scrapbooking file. Everything I purchase and download is in here, and I organize it on my harddrive by designer name. At the top I have a sub-folder called ##NEW. When I have new scrap purchases,once I’ve backed them up to a disk they get placed into this folder. Anything in that folder gets “tagged” and then moved into the respective designer folder. You want to move your files and folders using ACDSee so the program can keep track of them quicker.

A quick note: the initial set up is going to take a long time!!! Any new organization system is going to take you a long time!! Days or even weeks if you have a LOT of files to organize. Totally worth it in the end though, because once you have your system in place it’s very easy and quick to add new items/purchases using the system.


For example, this is my Amanda Rockwell folder and in it  is all of my Amanda Rockwell purchases, PU & CU. You can see why I need a system to kind of separate things without having to spend a lot of time finding them,etc. Placing them into ACDSee categories does not move them anywhere, it simply “tags” them for me to find using ACDSee. It’s kind of like linking to them.


Here I’ve switched to the category view which is where I would look for specific items or files in ACDSee. I’ve got 3 main categories: Scrap-CU OK, Scrap-PU, and Scrap-CU Paper OK(items I could use to create papers and elements for tangible scrap kits) Within the main categories I have sub-categories to narrow things down. Shown here are the sub-cats for my Scrap-CU OK group:alphas,brushes,elements,papers,etc.


Within the sub-categories I can go even further to narrow it down. Below is my sub-cat for Elements broken down into even more specific sub-categories.

You make your very own categories and sub-categories, so it’s customized to exactly how you work. Everyone has a different method they use-this is just the way my brain works when I’m looking for things!


Now, for anyone who may be trying out ACDSee to see if you like it this is just a quick show of how I do my tagging. I’m sure there may be another,maybe simpler way, of doing it but this was what I discovered using the new version last night(or early this morning, it was around 2 am,lol)

Under the view menu you click on properties and it opens up your categories in a new pane to the left. That way you can see your folders and categories at the same time.


Under the folder pane if I click on my SHCO folder it shows all the files I’ve created for sale.


If I click on a folder I can drag it to the category I want to the left–what ACDSee does is it “tags” the folder and the items within it and “assigns” the items to the category you chose. It does not move it from the harddrive, it just kind of links the category to the folder and items.


Now, when I’m looking for something specific when I’m designing I use the Category pane(that I showed you at the beginning, the pane it shares with the Folder view) I can click on the sub-category and it will show which folders are tagged.


And if I click on a folder in that category it will show me all of the items within that folder! I can then drag and drop into PS anything I want to use right from ACDSee! One of the great things is you can tag your folders with more than one category. For instance, the hearts below are tagged with the Hearts sub-category as well as the Beads, Bling, and Buttons categories!


I’ve found ACDSee to be an invaluable tool in my work. I admit to being entirely dependant on it for my workflow. It’s made things so much quicker to find, and much easier as well because I’m able to set it up exactly the way I want it instead of using a system set up the way someone else may think is best!

{12-27-14} (a late) Merry Christmas!

My apologies for not posting sooner, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that you’re looking forward to the new year! We learned just a few weeks ago that my dad has bladder cancer so it’s been distracting to say the least. He had surgery on the 22nd and is back home recovering and doing fantastic. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and sending lots of prayers that the path report shows all clear and he won’t need any additional treatment such as chemo or radiation! I’m looking forward to celebrating a late Christmas with my family next week. :)

I unfortunately won’t have any new CU goodies for a few more days, but I DO have my latest scrap kit, Merry new year up and running in my store at the Studio:


And in case you missed it, here are the latest releases I’ve had at SugarHillCo.:




{12-16-14} Christmas Carol Blog Train from the Studio!

Join us for the Studio’s Christmas Carol Blog Hop!

Click preview to download, and enjoy!



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